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Thread: Which bed is better

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    Which bed is better

    Is the Tempurpedic or Sleep Number better for SCIs?

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    I'm surprised no one has chimed in on this one. I will say that my son has a knock-off tempurpedic and we added a 2 inch memory foam topper from Costco. He loves his bed and has not had any problems.

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    Love my sleepnumber! had it years before my accident and am so glad I did. I don't require any pillows under my feet, legs, etc. I sleep on my side for 8 hours each night and never turn. Absolutely no red spots....

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    Sleep number x2! My husband (T-7) and I (functioning as T-10) love this bed! No pressure sores at all!
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    I have a sleep number going on 8 months and still I'm not sure I did the right thing. Like tarheelandy I sleep on my side all night with only slight Reddening on my hip which is a good thing . But I'm not sure it's as comfortable as my girlfriends Tempurpedic, I thought about purchasing a pillow top for mine any one have one on theirs? I found my comfort number fluctuates between 45 and 55 ..BTW is you go with a sleep number When airing up the mattress the pump is loud unless you have it stuffed under a boxed bed
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    I've had Tempurpedic for many years. Always good results. Much more comfortable than hospital beds in fact.

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    I have TempurPedic. It is very comfortable, but very hard to turn on for me. C6-7 incomplete.

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    I got a new mattress recently. an innerspring foam mattress with a pillow top. it was through an outlet, so saved a lot. cost 250 for an 800,00 mattress. I love it. no more sore hips or pressure point soreness at all. I forget the brand, serta or seely. but the pillow top is a lot more comfy than I expected. I thought the extra hip pain was just me getting old and arthritic, but I had a crappy mattress. love the thick pillow topped foam innerspring! I have an ikea wicker bed frame, so no box spring needed. My kitties love it too. none fighting over my chair anymore, because they love the pillow top as well. I do also have a waterproof cover which I though would detract from the comfort, but no.

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