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Thread: Updates.... way over due....

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    Updates.... way over due....

    So I am going to write an update because I have multiple threads on multiple forums and don't want to have to retype/copy and paste this in all of the locations .

    Wound Update - As of yesterday I should only need to have the wounds packed for another few days!! The nurse will still come and change the dressings etc but no more packing!!! I was hoping to be off the abx by Monday but it is being extended another week . I just want to get off of these abx and stop being so nauseated..... grrrrrr. In addition to the crappy feeling they give me, I have been reminded that pumping your body full of abx messes with your bowel program....... also grrrrrrrrrrr!!

    Pain Update - The wounds are still pretty painful. My overall neuro pain/pain control is holding at about a 7/8 level so I'm not going to complain at this point.

    School Update - I have been going to some of my classes, alternating morning and afternoons depending on how im feeling. I did go the whole day two days last week but that ended up being a really bad idea!!

    General/Life Update - I received an email from the music director at my church stating that a parishoner has requested me to sing her wedding in June!!!! What?? Are you kidding me??? I'm actually going to get paid to do what I love to do!!! I was/still am AMAZED!!!!

    Ok, I think thats all the updates for now. Thanks for everything!!

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    Sorry things are still a hassle - but that's good re. school. And TERRIFIC re. the wedding - how exciting!

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    Thanks for the update Bec, have been wondering about you...and the excitement I can feel about the up coming wedding has me wondering if you have put together a brochure and offered your services to EVERYBODY...yeah, start pimping yourself to all the churches, wedding planners, floral shops, catering, funeral business and especially wedding dress daughter gets many calls and has even started leaving cd's at many of the places...Go for it Girl! hugs, judy

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    Glad your doing better, really good to hear!

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    Not out of the woods yet but definately climbing out of the hole!! That is all I can ask for at this point .

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    I am the best at being me. No matter how that happens to be!!

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    cool becky.

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    glad a liitle sunshine is finding its way to you!
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    Glad to hear things seem to be headed in the right direction health wise. And...SUPER EXCITED about the singing! I'm so proud of yuu!!! :O)


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    Wow Becky I didn't know you sang professionally. Awesome!

    So glad the sores are doing better & you're back in school.
    I hope the pain is over soon. {hugs} Mona

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    I love singing - how about a voice clip, or a video or something?

    (not meaning to intrude on your privacy or anything - but I love good vocals!)

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