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I hear you Wise. I don't see the relevance, as you and Steven are still able to read the PM, albeit by email rather than PM. This is the last I'm going to say on this matter. You again write, "Neither the moderators nor administrators have access to the private messages on the site." To me you're being a bit disingenuous when you state it that way. You have access to the message off-site via the email, correct? So you are able to read reported PMs, or to be clear, the content of reported PMs contained in the email.

Let's just say security and privacy are a peeve of mine, and let it go at that. Thanks for your comments.
To be fair, the report function is no different in function to copying and pasting text. If I get a PM that offends me, I can copy the text in my browser and start a whole thread if I like.

I don't think Wise is being disingenuous at all. Reporting and copying/pasting/emailing are functionally equivalent. Perhaps those with no internet experience may not appreciate the difference, which I believe is why Wise explicitly states nobody should assume privacy.