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Thread: Condom Comes Off

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    Condom Comes Off

    Hi I am new to Care Cure. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestion. I have tried 6 different types of condoms including self adhesive, double sided tape, skin prep, but they still keep coming off
    If anybody has any tips please share.

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    try the wide band condoms from rochester medical they have patened adehesve they will solve your problem. if you call them they will give you a free sample, they have a web site

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    I have bad memories of how unreliable self-adhesive urodomes were back in the 80s so I've never tried them again even though I have some sitting in my cupboard. I am told that they have come a long way these days and I will get around to trying them it's just that I can't clean myself up and I spend most days alone plus I don't want to bother my wife. Anyway they're just excuses for not trying and I'm sure these new ones particularly at the wide band one's work really well.

    So I use an old trusted method, urobond adhesive with a non-lubricated condom. Never fails. It's a bit old school but I have been using this method ever since skin bond stopped being produced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by takenaback View Post
    So I use an old trusted method, urobond adhesive with a non-lubricated condom. Never fails. It's a bit old school but I have been using this method ever since skin bond stopped being produced.
    same here, i always used skinbond and nonlubricated condoms, and now using torbot.
    also watch the foods you eat, i stopped at the deli last week and grabbed a half pound of pepperoni and pigged out on it watching tv, damn condom would not stay on come sunday, slippery bastard, ha ha

    good luck
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    had the same problem for 30 years.....I switched to the Coloplast Freedom Clear. Works great, stays on for days. Here's one: Contact Coloplast and they'll send free samples of it and other ones too that you can try.

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    I go back to the days when the WWII vets invented condom caths (at least they claimed they did). We used the glue and eventually added an elastoplast outer band. Even those did not work for some guys. It was said that guys who were circumcised fared better. If you are not and all else fails, you might consider it. However, I never saw any related research and I would like to see the SCI nurses comment on this.
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    have u tried a smaller size??.....i only had a few probs in the early stages if the bag was not flat on my leg and wouldnt drain into it causing water ballon effect and would pop off.....both times when i was rolling around at therapy........what are u doing when it comes off????.....whats causing it??....getting pulled off during therapy?..or ballooning when peeing????....just doesnt fall off

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    Make sure skin is dry. you can try Skinprep and let it dry. When you apply the condom cath with adhesive on the inside- press down firmly then wrap your fingers around it for about a minute- your body temperature from your hand will help the adhesive set.

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    Thumbs up Problems w/Condom Catheters

    I used to use condom catheters years ago then I also tried intermittent cathing. I use to have problems with the condom catheters popping off & then I would get wet. When I tired interimittent cathing the catheters use to make my urethra bleed even after trying several different brands & types. I finally resorted to having suprapubic catheter surgery which has worked out well for me. I use a leg bag during the day & a bed bag at night hooked to my catheter. When I'm in my power chair I have the leg bag hooked up to an electric leg bag emptier. The power comes from the power in the batteries on my chair. The wheelchair repair place I go to hard wired the leg bag emptier to the batteries in my chair & the wiring is hooked up to a toggle switch on the side of the seat. When I need to empty my leg bag I go outside to drain it by holding the toggle switch on until my leg bag is empty. It works great. I got it from Twenty First Century. There is also a manual leg bag emptier for use in a manual chair as well.

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