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Thread: Brief Training In Meditation May Help Manage Pain, Study Shows

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    Brief Training In Meditation May Help Manage Pain, Study Shows

    I'm currently enrolled in a course in mindfulness. If anyone's interested in learning more -- let me know.

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    i'm very interested. i've been injured eight yrs w/ ever-increasing pain and hypersensitivity. also, for the past year i've been unable to talk. i'm going crazy and need some peace of mind.

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    Your dreaming.
    oh well

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    Limp, why have you been unable to talk for the past year? I am so sorry, and am a bit confused. In your profile, you write you have a C5 level injury?

    Chaz, I also believe we can benefit from learning to decrease our pain through natural means. It is well known with depression or increased stress, our pain can be worse. I am aware of at least one hospital multi-disciplinary pain clinic offers biofeedback and suggests yoga/meditation classes for those interested in trying to manage their pain response.

    Kenf, at your early morning response, meditation and dreaming are different. Meditation and relaxation are done while awake. To be in a true dream state, you must achieve REM stage (rapid eye movement/muscle relaxation).Prior to this state are other non-REM states of different levels of relaxation and consciousness. It is interesting.
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    I use medditation alot to help me and it surely does

    There is many various techniques one can use to get to this state of Calm

    My Family enrolled me in martial arts back in the 70's in the 80's I went Freeform in many styles and have no favorites & My unorthodox style is about upper body strength and because of my Chronic pain I can usually do a 24 hour shift non stop at a desk . Medditate a hour or less and go for it again like I did last night here at CC

    The main objective to medditative state is to learn to block out all interference or distractions thus in this state of mind a person can psyche up for a challenge or whatever or rest due to a ailment or pain issue ..

    If I was Dreaming then I would be asleep

    We all have different views about posts I said my thing

    At this point of my life I medditate for my healing up and pain issues


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