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Thread: Does anyone NOT work?

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    Currently I can't work because of my health situation.
    I am not lazy, I do study a lot. Someday I'll get back into the swing of life.
    Personally I freelance write and help others out of mental problems.
    Psychology and social help is what I do for free at this time voluntarily .
    Soon I may be volunteering in the county, As it all takes time .
    Sincerely ;

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    No work here. Wife works for health benefits, but other than that I retired 16 yrs ago, 13 yrs before my "accident" during surgery. I had lupus for 20 or so yrs and had numerous hospitalizations and dr visits and got on ssdi in 3 weeks, but had to wait the 6 months to get anything.
    I left a job that I had 5 weeks vacation and sick leave, worked 7-3:30 gad what a life. Purchasing man tools, Milwaukee, B&D, Klein, had over 60 lines to keep up with, and loved it, but I just couldn't do much more. All my life was, was work, go home and fall asleep on the couch, no camping, fishing,hunting, just was tuckered out. And, with the documentatuion to back it up, the ss office said ok.Got to spend a ton of time with my 8 yr old son, and the other 2 were older.
    They really didn't expect me to live this long, but there ya go(my motto"only the good die young" and here I am")I've had over 36 surgeries on this bod, and am just tired of it. so I don't have time for work, don't want to work, but would LOVE to have the income.
    Now do all the fishin I can do from a wheelchair, and thats how I can supplement the income, with fish.

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    I don't work. I was injured at work after 30+ years in a field I loved and was very good at; I wanted to go back, but mysteriously (not), my position was terminated and I was reassigned to a job I could not do safely. I took early retirement, sold my house, moved to a less expensive area and was almost able to pay cash for another house. Now, eighteen months post-injury, I am looking for a job, but there is nothing here in my field. Luckily, I have enough from my pension to live on, but I would like to work part-time in something related to my field.

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