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Thread: Does anyone NOT work?

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    I would have to make about 4000.00 a month to justify losing the programs that help me make it in this life. Then if I went to work there is always the high percentage chance of being hospitalized for one thing or another.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CiscoNJenn View Post
    brucec, thanks for sharing about your mom. I quit working to be Cisco's caregiver and we moved in with my parents. I ended up being my moms caregiver too. She just passed away and now I care for my dad and Cisco. My "job" at home does not pay but I feel that helping two people have a happy life is the most important job. On the other hand, I graduated two colleges and feel like a loser for not going to work. No one makes me feel this way, so why do I feel this way. It sure would be easier to go out to a job, but I wouldn't trade it.
    a caregiver is a job, and all that matters in life is healthy conversations, don't matter if you work in the house or outside the house, just keep up conversations with anyone and everyone.

    and eveyone seems to bitch about calling a woman a housewife, hell, if a woman could support me, i'd be damn proud to stay home and do the housework, people can even call me a housewife, i really don't care, just keep busy
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    I worked for more than 25 years as an inc. quad. I miss it enormously. I volunteer but it doesn't come close to the feeling of all those years in the corporate world. Don't get me wrong, it was stressful at times but I always knew how blessed I was to work there and make the money I did. Sitting in a meeting with all those "walkers" at a company who employed more than 10,000 people, and being the only one with a visible disability allowed me to feel self worth and a sense of accomplishment. I was young when I became disabled so maybe it wasn't that much of an accomplishment since kids are so resilient. If I were older when I became disabled it probably would have been much more difficult to get ahead, I'm speaking more from an emotional aspect.

    Wheelieboy, I got the same thing when I finally had to take an early retirement. Everyone would say how lucky I was that I wasn't working and they wished it were them. First I would want to say yep lucky me with all the open sores on butt, numerous surgeries, dealing with pain and calling your boss from your car and telling them you're leaving work because you were having a personal problem, (bowel accident) but I just kept my mouth shut. I chose to take it as a compliment. I never showed all that was involved with an sci and they never really looked at me as a person with a disability, at least most didn't. Wish I could go back for a few hours a week. But according to them it's full time or nothing. That's ok. It was a great company to work for and am glad to have had the opportunity.

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    I am one who has tried to get back to work but can't find someone who would hire me. After my accident I tried to get my employer(large international company) to either accomodate my old job or put me in an open job that I was qualified for. Went through the courts and a bit more for over 10 years.

    I still hit the local job fairs when there seems to be a fair number of employers I haven't spoken to yet.

    Tried taking classes for a degree but the employment scene changed so fast that the fields I was training in were usually laying-off before I could get halfway through.

    Also by a job, I'm talking about something that is self supporting with some passable benefits. Of course in this day and age those may be a thing of the past.

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    I would love to get a job because I can't stand staying at home all the time. Not so bad before when I had three children to care for but now I don't have any at home and it is boring. So I would have given a lot to have a job and earn money instead of living on disebility money.
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    Not working and running out of options.

    Worried, you betcha.

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    only work i do is try not to get a uti, pressure sore etc... also i work on my ps3 skills
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    I have not worked since my accident. I did apply to ovr, but I was rejected, and then rejected on my appeal. they felt I was too old to reschool. I was 34 or 35 when I applied, and they also felt I could not get through classes consistantly due to the amount of pain. I was very surprised to be rejected.

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    cripple4life, that's awesome. We work for the same things but we work on Wii skills!

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    My job put me in my chair and I have NOOO desire to go back! Going from building bridges to being some office lacky is not appealing. They tell/want me to come back, but I think they just want me off their workers comp.....

    Its fun not having to deal with the stress of working!!
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