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Thread: Wheelchairs for kids: Texas man brings hope to 'forgotten' disabled Iraqi kids

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    Wheelchairs for kids: Texas man brings hope to 'forgotten' disabled Iraqi kids

    BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Brad Blauser lives in war-torn Baghdad, where he doesn't earn a paycheck and is thousands of miles from his family. But he has no intention of leaving anytime soon.

    For the past four years, the Dallas, Texas, native has been providing hope to hundreds of disabled Iraqi children and their families through the distribution of pediatric wheelchairs.

    "Disabled children -- they're really the forgotten ones in this war," said Blauser, 43. "They are often not seen in society."

    Blauser arrived in Iraq as a civilian contractor in 2004, but quit that job last year to devote himself full time to his program, without compensation.

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    Wheelchairs for Haitian Kids

    This guy gets around.
    Due to the recent devastating earthquake in Haiti, many people suffered crush injuries to their bodies. These crush injuries often require amputations of limbs, resulting in walking disabilities for those who lose one or both legs to the procedure.

    As large orders for adult wheelchairs are currently in production for Haitians by other charities, pediatric wheelchairs are made available to Haitian children by non-profit Reach Out and Care Wheels. Full sponsorships for high quality pediatric wheelchairs are $350 per wheelchair. However donations of all sizes are welcome and appreciated.

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