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Thread: pca/maternity leave/not rehiring question...

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    I had many of these issues with a recent employee. I set up the termination to protect myself but she obviously did not appreciate it. Retribution followed, phone extortion ("you must do x or I'll do y"), small claims case, dept of labor case, accusations of sexual harrassment and pregnancy discrimination. Took me 3 months to extricate. Very tricky, must be very careful. Just reached 6 month point after claim, which is the legal deadline for suit. I'm confident I'm OK now, though after 1 year I'll feel even better.

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    hey all.

    to clear a few things up- I don't write the checks, as said in my original post, the pca is/was hired through IHSS (in home supportive services), so she will be available for rehiring by another one of their clients as soon as she is cleared for work (which is still a date TBD). I could really spend eons rehashing or justifying my reasons for termination, but it's not really worth it.

    The hiring and firing of people that work in your home is a tricky situation, and I will hastily admit that I'm no pro. I've held management positions in 'the real world' and this shit is just different. For the record, this employee was not told that she would have a job after 6 weeks. I guess I assumed she was just going to not show back up due to her history and attitude. (which is poor mgmt on my behalf). In the OP, I guess I was just looking more for how to navigate people&employees that you've become friends/friendly with but that start to suck at their jobs, especially when it comes to firing them. Can't say I handled it the best by trying to avoid confrontation with someone hot tempered but it's not like I was going to talk to her about it when she was drugged up and calling me after the birth of her child either, you know?

    Anyway... this is not really making sense due to my lack of explanation or willingness to rehash it all to give a real thorough explanation, but know that it went well, and that she's still currently only half way through the time she's planned to have off (the timeline changed due to a cesarean, etc) so it's not even like 'last minute, hey you have a kid and no job or prospects' but at the same time, I'm not willing to chase an irresponsible employee down to try and pin them down to a possible future date when I have shit I have to handle on the daily.

    Every day is a learning experience, and I'm just actively trying to not repeat the same mistakes. Thanks for everyone's input
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    Quote Originally Posted by feisty View Post
    Every day is a learning experience, and I'm just actively trying to not repeat the same mistakes. Thanks for everyone's input
    Just revisiting this thread...

    Glad to hear things went ok. I don't think there is any one of us who must deal with and manage pca's who hasn't gone through something similar to this situation, and knows far too well (more than we'd care to know, I'm sure!) what the balancing act involves. I know, for me, even after 2+ decades of this, it's still an ongoing learning experience.

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