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Thread: Really cool way to do a car transfer

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    Really cool way to do a car transfer

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    Would certainly make it better for getting a wheelchair into position for transfer. Great "out of the box" thinking.
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    Hum very interested but dont see anything to view???

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    Great for dumping a body as well.

    If the door sticks you can't hold it shut with a hockey stick and a bungie cord like I used to have to do with my old K-Car though.

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    No way!

    I like having the door in front of me during the transfer.

    It gives me something to grab if I feel myself slipping!

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    transfers would be so much more convenient!!!

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    I doubt that door setup would ever become a reality for the masses as it must cost a fortune to produce and there is always the thought that it could malfunction and you'd be out of luck.

    What I do notice with cars though is it does make a difference how far the door opens. I'm finding it real easy to get in and out of the car I got last summer which is a Pontiac G8, the door opens really far and wide. I've had other cars the door did not open as wide and it makes it tougher. Something to think about when considering a car. I know VW's also open fairly wide.
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    Makes sense for crowded parking lots as the video demonstrates. I did notice the lack of working joes in the video, I take this to mean the modification costs a zillion dollars.

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    that video doesn't demonstrate a car transfer.

    furthermore, having a door to occasionally use as a handhold/support/etc is helpful. just find a car with doors that open wide enough.

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