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Thread: Update on Noah at Law School

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    Quote Originally Posted by john smith View Post
    It's official.

    Noah accepted a permanent position as an attorney with the Environmental Protection Agency at their San Francisco office. He begins work there sometime in March.

    That's fantastic John. Give our congrat's to Noah! It must be such a wonderful relief to know he's finally past another milestone. Wonderful news for you all!!!!!!!!

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    Congrats Noah and family. Keep up the good work.

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    wonderful news! thank you for sharing this.

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    This is great news, John. Please extend my congratulations to Noah.

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    Congratulations to him and you!
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    Update on Noah and his law career.

    As I write, he is sitting for the Bar Exam in Oregon. Accomodation for those with disabilities consists of extended breaks, which turns the two-day exam into a 3 1/2 day testing period.

    Ironically, Noah shares a test room with Gabby, aka Clipper, a Care Cure member who graduated from Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, OR. They actually met during their student years when Noah interned in Portland.

    Best of luck to them both on passing the Bar!

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    Two Thumbs up!!!
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    He's amazing, you all are. I know it's been a family project, and Noah just rocks in general. Best wishes, I don't think he'll need luck. Send my regards to Clipper.

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    Proud of him.
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    Git 'er done and Mazel tov to both !!

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