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Thread: Update on Noah at Law School

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    Congrats! San fran is a fun place, as long as you stay away from the hills
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    Way to go!
    I saw that Noah wasn't impressed with DC's accessibility (er, lack) this time around either.
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    Good for him, John.. My son is also SCI and is in sophomore year at the U of Illinois.. He is aspiring to go to law school after undergraduate studies.. This gives me hope...

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    Here are some photos from Noah's graduation from Law School.

    He started a summer internship in San Francisco at the Environmental Protection Agency. He plans to take the Bar Exam next February.

    I wrote about it here.

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    Congrats to Noah for his achievement, and to you, Dad, for supporting him through this! Good luck to Noah on the bar exam...I think the initial pass rate in CA is about 50% but if he graduated at UC Berkley he is in good shape to be in the that 50% the first time.


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    This is just WONDERFUL news. Congrats to all Smiths, it's been a joint effort. Yay Noah!

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    Congrats, good luck with the bar exam.

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    Congrats Noah and good luck on the bar exam! I'm sure you'll do well.

    Thanks for posting the pictures John, it was nice to see him in cap and gown!

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    Congratulations! I hope Noah has a wonderful, enjoyable and fulfilling career and life.
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    Congrats Noah--proud to know you. May you go far in life--I have no doubt you will.
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