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Thread: Man vs Insect

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    Man vs Insect

    SPEED: American Cockroach

    STRENGTH: Rhinoceros Beetle

    HIGH JUMP: Grasshopper

    BOXING (punch force): Mantis Shrimp

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    Did the guy who caught the shrimp have to wear a speedo?

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    I believe the cockroach is the fastest. Dang, turn on some lights and watch them critters scatter.

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    I wonder what bug would be awarded the gold in wrestling?

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    Bee travels 5,000,000 miles per gallon of honey

    On NPR, there was a story about how the honeybee is by far the most fuel conservative of beings. By putting a bee into a harness attached to a wire, making the bee fly around in the circle and measuring how far it flies, allowing the bee to gorge itself on a drop of honey before it flies, they have shown that a bee can travel nearly 5 million miles on a gallon of honey, assuming that a bee can fly that far and eat that much.

    Now, this was said to put the shame a new car announced by Volkswagon that can obtain 170 miles/per gallon of gasoline. The problem if of course the comparison does not take into account the mass of the bee versus the mass of the Volkswagon car (Source).

    This car has a top speed of 99 mph and takes 14.2 seconds to get up to 62 mph, running on a two-cylinder 27 horsepower diesel. They fell short of their goal to go 100 km on 1 liter of fuel.

    I don't know how much the car weighs but let us assume that it is about 1000 kg. The average weight of a bee is 218 mg. Since 1 kg has 1000g and 1g has 1000 mg, this means that 1 kg has a million mg. 1000 kg has a billion mg. So, the volkswagon is over 5 million times heavier than the honeybee. So, for the amount of work, if the honey bee has to carry 1000 kg on its back, the honey bee would only get 1 mile per gallon of honey.


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