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Thread: USA vs. Canada Hockey Game

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    USA vs. Canada Hockey Game

    Well, the game is almost here. I know alot of you are huge hockey buffs and live north of the 49th parallel but I wanted to give you the comfort of support when you need it to grieve after we beat that ass.

    Go USA!!!
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    There's a hockey game today? Really???

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    So, this "hockey" is actually considered a real sport? I thought it was just a life-size enactment of the bar table game, Foosball, but with sticks and skates thrown in for interest. Like those people who dress up as chess pieces and move on a giant chess board. How can "hockey" be a sport without a ball?

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    We are looking forward to it. I was more impressed with the USA women's team than the men. That was a good game and a shame we lost.

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    I don't really care who wins, for me this day is more about the watching and enjoying the game with others, and just seeing how everybody everywhere seems so excited about it. The chance for a shared experience like this is a rare and wonderful thing.

    We are all set for the game. . I have my Hockey Canada hoodie on and finally gave in to my nephew's insistence that he be allowed to decorate my cheeks with maple leaf tattoos. And the beer is cold.

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    Congrats, Canada, on the gold medal performance of your team, and we are also proud of the silver from the USA team. Overall, a great Olympics!


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    i was injured playing hockey.. good job
    c4 incomplete
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