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    I wasn't sure what to file this under. Has anyone my size (350-375 lbs.) ever had L3-5 disc herniation removed, and if so how did it go? I am travelling 5 hours for a consultation and am scared out of my mind of surgery. Please tell me of your experiences good or bad.

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    Sorry not me. Just wanted to wish you well & say God bless you.

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    Dear Simpler Times Hi
    I had 4 herniated disks removed and it was a great relief to me

    Every Surgery's outcome varies from patient to patient

    I hope you feel better
    Dont worry
    Were praying for you

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    thank you

    Just want to thank you for your well wishes. I have not decided if I am willing to take the risk of surgery when it likely won't fix this foot drop anyway. I am really stressed; thank you again.

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    I've had L345 done and am a big guy ~ 240.

    My recovery is complicated and not what I'd hoped for but nothing due to my size or weight.

    Good Luck

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