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Thread: Brain Injury

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    Brain Injury

    I feel so alone on this topic but Here it is !

    Years back I had a accident where my neck and back broke on the motorcycle rear backrest then my back of my head in helmet smashed the ground and I lost all sensation and abilities immediately.
    When my head hit the road I had the most annoying ringing in my head / ears They call it tinitis I think it is just a unexplainable noise very high pitched I've talked to my physician about this and came out with no good results .

    No one really took into fact the part of my helmet that hit the ground so very hard The lowest Back of my head
    Kind of I look at it like a egg shaking up SBS

    There used to be 2 small glands lumps on my back of my head but Now I have none . No Dr ever noticed this abnormality or why This nonstop tinitus is ringing in my head !
    I look at this injury similar to SBS

    Someday i'll find a specialist who will go through my SCI and Brain Activity scan and get to the root of this dilemna .
    Things have been rough because so far I havent found a good caring specialist who understands Spinal Cord injuries and The Brain especially the brain stem injuries .

    I would do anything to get rid of the tinitus and help me regain feeling and sensation .

    Right now I am Just looking for advice

    Thank you

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    I'm sorry, I've heard tinnitus is really no fun.

    I just read up on it a little - sounds like it is usually caused by problems in the ears, or with the auditory nerves, or with the part of the brain that interprets sound. Rarely, it can be from a blood vessel problem.

    Unfortunately, many times tinnitus cannot be cured. But you could ask an ENT doctor to evaluate you, and see if anything can be done.

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    Gypsylady, did you have head MRI's? It sounds like you had a traumatic brain injury as well as a spinal cord injury. Any TBI specialist worth his weight would be able to discuss with you about tinnitus and should be able to see if they could help. Have you gone to a specialist for ear, nose and throat? They should be able to see if you have something which could be treated. If it is swelling, tumor or some type of injury tissue pressing on your auditory nerves, possibly surgery or medication could help. Please feel free to send me a PM.
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