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    I did my bowel program yesterday and this morning I was a bit alarmed by the amount of bright red blood that came out. I didn't break down or anything, but seeing things like that only reminds me of the shitty effects this injury on the body.

    A few months, I had a urologist insert a cam into my bladder and he showed me the furry wall of my bladder, told me that was abnormal and a result of my SCI. I was a bit disheartened by that as well.

    It's a very emotionally painful thing for me to see anomalies inside and on my body due to this condition. I love my body as my vessel to experience this existence and to see it malfunction depresses me.

    It's amazing how different porn can be after an SCI. You don't know whether to be turned on or to break down from despair.

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    This week i had to chose between pain mgmt & depression relief and being able to orgasm. I knew what the answer was and would be, just had to do it, couldnt take it anymore. So no more just makes me feel like an it.

    I feel for everyone here btw, it sucks.

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    What have you tried in your quest to see a stream of pee? I didn't find it that hard to do. Massaging my bladder will make it spasm and create a stream of pee. I've done that in the shower a few times. I've also done it out in the grass a few times when I forgot cath kits. I didn't find that it totally emptied my bladder but it got enough out that I didn't need to use a kit for awhile.

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    I pass at the chance to see a stream of pee coming out of my johnson if I could see a stream of semen coming out of my johnson!

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    The majority of guys should be able to get that done too. What have you tried that didn't work?

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    grateful to do #2 the regular way, so won't complain about the straw. hate uti.

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