RE; Foley Caths / ''Urethral'' Indwelling Caths.

For 25+yrs I used an external cath to manage my reflex voiding bladder. About 1 year ago, I had some complications thaty resulted in me having to use an indwelling cath. I go to my uro to get it changed every 4-6 weeks. Every other change a friend does at my home; Dr gives me an insertion kit and cath from the office.

He now gave me a script for insertion + irrigation kits, caths, saline. This cath I use is a regular 18fr. They do not use any specific brand.

Here is what they have used on me: [ all 5cc balloon.]
---Bard--Bardex Foley Cath; ribbedd balloon 'Lubricious Coated'.
---Rusch--'Silkola Tex Rusch Gold'.

---Alegiance--Silicone Coated.

Question: My DME asked me what brand I prefer. [ Unlike ext caths.], I do not know which Brand/s or type is better than the other,,,,,??
Any and all information from users and the Nurses will help very much.

Thank you in advance,,,,,,,,,