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Thread: Percocet

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    I believe that the maximum daily dose of tylenol (acetominophen) is 4,000 mg. I believe this is correct, but would be grateful if the nurse or someone could confirm that.
    This is the current limit, although an FDA advisory panel has recommended that this maximum daily dose should be reduced because of the serious risk it poses for liver damage. FYI, the maximum single dose of acetaminophen is currently 1000 mgs, but the same advisory panel has recommended that it be reduced to 650 mgs. jessy435, I'd be very, very conscience on what dose of acetaminophen is in the Percocet you take so you can make sure you're not exceeding either the single dose or daily maximums.

    The panel also recommended discontinuing prescription meds like Percocet and Vicodin, which combine acetaminophen with narcotic pain meds.

    My understanding is that oxy 10s are no longer being made at all - everyone has to get 2 5s. Unless that's changed (pharmacist told me that a bit ago).
    I think what we may be running into here is confusion caused by shorthanding med names.

    Oxycodone 10 mgs have not been available for years -- the medication comes in 5 mg, 15 mg, and 30 mg strengths only. Those taking 10 mgs or, as I did for years, 20 mgs, must be prescribed the 5 mg strength.

    OxyContin, however, is available in a 10 mg strength.
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    Aaak re the Oxy - thanks thehipcrip, I should know better.

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