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    Talking FedExFAIL!

    So I was sending a package to julay in the great white tundra aka Canada, which should have gotten their BEFORE V-Day! But I noticed it said on the tracking incorrect address.

    I thought hm.....I mailed other things to that address how is this one incorrect? Turns out the address I was mailing things to all along was always wrong because I copy and pasted it wrong (Joyce did give me the correct address )! I forgot to copy 1 number at the start of the address.

    We'll say the address is 111 lollercakes dr. I copied 11 lollercakes dr .

    When other packages were delivered to that incorrect address they simply called and said hey did you mean 111 and not 11? She would say yes and everything was fine and dandy.

    So I called them and said, HI THERE! Whats the deal? It says you can't find the address? He said well let me shows here we couldn't find the address on the 12th but we can find it today! I said oh good. He then responded with it will be delivered today.

    I then check again later that day it says delivered but I got this gut feeling that something wasn't right. I text julie and she said she didn't get any package!

    I checked the tracking # and it said it was delivered (and not signed). So I'm wondering where the hell this package is exactly.

    The first lady was totally useless to me. She told me it was my fault because they delivered to the address listed and I would have to call up the place that created the package and tell them to file a claim and then wait a few months to get a refund (if I get one she noted).

    I thought I was shit out of luck . . . I guess she's right they did do their job....then I called up julie and told her perhaps you can go directly to the house and pick it up. She said well whats the address? I told her and she said that address doesn't even exist. I was like oh good! Those motha effers!

    I call them back up again and say they delivered it to an incorrect address and he said well yah it looks like they delivered it to 11 TotallyNotTheStreet.

    Turns out they kept the 11 part of the address and put a new street name after it and thought perhaps that would be the correct address. Rather than actually calling her and asking her, hey we can't find it!

    I said well now what can we do? He said hold on I'll ask my manager. He then comes back and says sorry sir, you can't do anything directly because the originator was in Canada. I responded with, "I ordered it though!" He said I know but it doesn't work that way. I was like "WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE!" Everyone around me at work was listening in and loving it. This went on for awhile until he realized I wasn't going to just hang up the phone. It was like a soap opera almost but not at all.

    Finally he told me well what you could do is call her (Julie) and if she calls us we can get it all sorted out. So I gave julie the 100 digit tracking number and phone number to call. Luckily Julie got it all worked out and hopefully the package will be delivered tomorrow (if the people didn't open it and sell the awesome thing inside ha).

    After I got off the phone everyone was like, wow what a bunch of a holes! I was like I KNOW RIGHT? I'm Mr. Coffee for god sakes! (last part was a lie.)

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