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Thread: stove to get under

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    stove to get under

    i am having difficulty with the stove. any suggestions? i dont use it as my face is right next to it. i cant see into the pots and pans as to whether they are boiling or what. is there a stove that one can slide under?

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    You can install a tilted mirror so you can see into the pots and pans quite inexpensively.

    Many people install a stovetop (cook top) in a roll-under counter, which can be placed at any height you want. Of course this means your oven needs to be in a different location. Be sure the cook top has the controls at the front or side so you do not have to reach over hot pans or burners to adjust the heat. These can be height adjustable, but that adds a considerable cost.


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    I have a regular stove, but it is the drop in style, and it is lowered (No drawer underneath). I find that works ok, I don;t need to roll under. The mirror as an addition would be very helpful, but I don;t have that.
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    Has anyone ever used that 'mirror over the stove' trick??? If so, how fast does it steam up and how often do you need to clean grease off of it??

    Seemed kinda impractable for living alone if you can't stand. What I have is those glass pots and pans that you can see what's going on with your food all the way to the bottom.

    I was asking because I figure one day they'll stop making the glass pans and then I'll need some sort of a backup plan.

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    We have them in our OT kitchen and independent living apartment kitchen, but they are mounted higher than in the picture, so don't have a problem with either steam or keeping them clean. The angle is adjustable.


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    Just be careful with a roll under stove not to pull or spill anything hot onto yourself. Maybe consider a protective apron of some type if it is a risk.

    I found in the past that glass pots were ok for some foods but others, like pasta, stick really easy.

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    Here's a picture of mine.

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    Tigger - nice kitchen setup!! Do you have under your microwave open too??
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    Thanks, no but I wish I did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tigger74 View Post
    Here's a picture of mine.
    damn, you must be messy, 2 trash cans
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