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Thread: A Helpful Input Device for People with Limited Dexterity

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    A Helpful Input Device for People with Limited Dexterity

    Microsoft's pending Skinput device could be a helpful computer input device for people with limited dexterity.

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    I have used many PCs. The most accessible one I've used off-the-shelf is my new Apple MacBook Pro. I am using it right now with Macintosh speech voice-recognition. I am unable to type, at least to type well. This software does a decent job. The more I turn it the better it gets. The reason why I like my MacBook is the ease with which I can use the touchpad. you would have to try one to understand fully. I have dexterity limitations, nevertheless, I am able to use all of the features.

    PS please forgive any text faux pas's. I'm still training this MacSpeech

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