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Thread: tendon transfer c6

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    Question tendon transfer c6

    i am a c6 quad complete and want to have a tendon surgery to restore my finger and thumb functions. i have following active muscles in my forearm and their strength is(brachioradialis 5,pronator teres 4,supinator 4,extensor carpi radialis 5)

    if any experienced person could advise me about the above mentioned muscles to be used in finger and thumb flexion and extension ?

    will my tansferred muscle replace the existing function with a new one or i will be
    able to do both the functions consequently,after tendon transfer?

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    please advise me which active muscle should be used for which purpose? or what is the general trend in it?

    i could not find the answer in any other thread

    do patients of my level generally have the same active muscles in their forearm as i have?

    please tell me how could i check manually if my extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle is working?
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    I do not feel comfortable answering this without evaluating you. ASIA score? Has a physician recommended this? Have you been evaluated by a physical /occupational therapist and physicatrist? Have you tried Botox etc to decrease contracture/spasticity?


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    1. I went to indian spinal injuries centre 3.5 years back and they evaluated me asia A

    2. My two months old muscles charting assessment form made by an occupational therapist indicates all muscles in the forearm as involuntary except supinator,pronator teres,brachioradialis and extensor carpi radialis.

    3. Since it has been almost 5 years since my injury,i have much less spasms than previous years . i have never used backlofin pump .i have used backlofin tablets in the past and have even stopped taking those since 2 years as i have less spasms now.

    can u tell me the maximum level of spasm which can still make a person deservable to undergo a tendon surgery?
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    I am still not clear. What was dead? Your nerve, your muscle. You need to see if you have nerve function. Otherwise a tendon transfer is not appropriate and it is only for certain situations.


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    let me clear u .my muscles as well as my nerves r perfect.
    what i want to say is i have four above mentioned muscles under voluntary control,except these all r involuntary in my forearm.

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