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Thread: Boils, help needed

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    Boils, help needed

    Sigh, I have the sorest boil on my butt...Some may recall that my current doctor doesn't care to see my butt. I suspect he believes I feel some perverse need to show it to him, when it is actually just a recurrent trouble spot of mine. I went to Urgent Care, where the doc popped the boil and sent me home w/ bactrim. The doc confirmed it was a boil although it is right at the tip of what they call "sitting bones" in yoga. I was relieved it wasn't a pressure sore. It is right above the spot where buttcheek turns to thigh.

    I did a bad thing, quit taking the bactrim when it seemed to clear up. (omg bactrim makes me feel crappy.) I've never before quit taking abx too soon, and was hoping I'd get away with it. But it reappeared, and I finished up the script. By then the open part had healed over, so it's a closed wound, not draining.

    Other than finding a new doctor (Job 1, tomorrow, this time I swear I'm gonna)-What can I do w/ this thing? It looks like a perfectly round bruise, about 1 1/2" in diameter. I've been rubbing it w/ tea tree oil and applying drawing salve and a bandage. The drawing salve seemed to draw a lot of the puffiness out of it but the hard part underneath the discolored area, and the pain, remain.

    Has anyone had any luck w/ taking turmeric? That seems to be the natural remedy most often suggested on the web.

    All suggestions welcome. It feels like I'm sitting on a knife here! Is this what Mona calls risins?

    PS-Sitting on this is giving me AD. I'm so tired of this stupid headache. I don't think I can pop it myself, it hurts too bad. I screeched when the urgent care doc did it.

    Is it bad to have pressure on things like this?
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    For me boils have always turned out to be MRSA, those boils always kicks my ass with flu-like symptoms, did yours get cultured? Does it look funky with any tunneling? I would think having pressure on it could only make it worse. I'd insist having your doctor look at it again.

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    Have you ruled out a pilonidal cyst?

    They occur most often at the tail bone but can be on butt cheek and tunnel down among other places. I had one on tailbone pre SCI, treated it like a boil and that went fine until it flared up about 5-6 years post SCI . It took doctors years to diagnosis correct and by the time they did I had a sinus that required extensive surgery to excise. the pain in the interim was more than significant...

    This site discusses them :

    Best of luck.
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    I've been doing the flu-like thing, but no fever. (Not sure I've ever had a fever post-sci, actually. Do quads get fevers?) But I notice my arms feel like they weigh a ton and I have no energy.

    I suspect it may have tunneled a little, the hard part seems to go a ways from the discolored part.

    What kind of doctor deals w/ these? Do I need to see a dermatologist? I have so little faith in doctors right now. A friend just spent 7 weeks in hospital for a sore that tunneled like 10", that has me feeling especially nervous. I wish to God I had a doctor to trust. My current doctor refused to acknowledge my rectal fistula, never did the basic lab tests that would have id'd graves disease. I actually had to get my husband go w/ me to testify that my graves disease swollen ankles appeared many years post sci, and that he hadn't married a woman w. cankles! Doc refused to take me seriously until my husband went!

    I instantly suspected mrsa, but the doc-in-the-box didn't culture. Wish he would have!

    Is the treatment different for pilonoidal cysts?

    I guess I was hoping somebody would say "Oh, no problem, you should put EXTRA pressure on that spot!" LOL. As you know, disabled = a wheelchair user that can't SIT. I so wish that 75% of my issues weren't ass related!

    Thans for the help, wtf and ChesBay.
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    Betheny if it is a boil... then bath it in boiling water (as hot as you can handle)with salt to draw the pus out...also if you can get we eat it on toast then take that. As a child I got alot of boils and a wise old woman told my mother to give me marmite and I would never get them again...and I never did. I would have been very anemic as a child and marmite is a yeast extract so i would guess if you cannot get that try brewers yeast available from health food store..its a very good source of vitamin B.

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    Do you maybe mean Epsom Salts - not regular salt? We've used that on pyoderma's on the doggy's feet - I don't think it stings like regular salt would.

    But in general, I agree, some doctor must look at the butt. If the one doc is too traumatized (or perhaps has hidden fantasies about Bethany and fears being unable to control himself) find a less shy one - ugh, how ridiculous.

    I'd think a dermatologist might be a good start - if that's the wrong doc, they could refer. I also wonder about a plastic surgeon, if it is a cyst - but I think I'd start with derm to figure it out.

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    I had some kind of commonly named cyst on my back (two different places) for decades that I finally asked my GP to cut out since I can no longer reach my back to mess around with them. They had turned into boils several times over the years, including this past year, and I let them exist for the year in a low level way since I didn't have to sit on them. Anyway, my doctor cut them out, and low and behold the AD stuff I had been having for the past 6 months has stopped for now. I don't know if you get those kinds of cysts on your butt but I would ask. My doctor says the cysts are really a blocked sweat gland and the only way to get rid of them (and the boils they sometimes cause) is to cut them out. They go deep under the skin--my doctor cut out one the size of my little finger, but you would have never know it was under there but for the surface boil. I just thought they were zits that kept reappearing.....

    For regular boils (if open) and prevention, good old hydrogen peroxide used consistenly works better than anything for me.

    Wow, am I thankful for my regular GP doctor. I hope you can find one. Mine knows all the local specialists and I rely on him to manage my health. He came to see me every day in the hopsital after my accident, including at the trauma center, and didn't bill or get paid a dime for it. I hope you can find one like that.

    Hope this helps.

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    Please, try to keep pressure off the sore if you are not already doing this. It can get worse, deeper infections if you continue to put pressure on it.. I am worried about it as well. (The SCI nurse may have more suggestions)

    Have you considered going to a wound care specialist? I pulled up a directory for you of wound care specialty clinics in your state including Deaconess Hospital.

    It is hard to find a doctor comfortable with SCI but sometimes word of mouth helps. Is the local SCIAO still active and could they help with resource info for a good SCI doc in your area?

    Spinal Cord Injury Association of Oklahoma (Info current as of 2004)
    President: Rick Lewis
    Contact: 737-9739 (Home) or 321-3203 (Work)

    Decubitus ulcers can also start out in a similar manner.. Here is one online source I found with some pics so you can research. Get a picture of the sore when you are back with a doctor...

    Here is a link I found for you of pics of boils:

    Two links with pics for staging decubitus ulcers:

    Good luck and get off that area!
    Hugs to Dingo :-)
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    Don't mess with it Betheny, find the new doc. I know that's always easier said than done. Maybe call a dermatologist and ask if this is something the doctor would treat before you waste an appt to find out, plus I don't know if you have to have a referral or if you can make your own appt. I'm lucky, I can do it either way.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

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    In the meantime, I wonder if soaking it would help? I think you have mentioned in the past you can get in the tub?

    But yea, you need to stay off it as much as possible. Even if it isn;t a pressure sore, per se, any pressure on it is going to limit the blood flow, and limit healing.
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