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Thread: What to do if your dog gets poisoned...

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    What to do if your dog gets poisoned...

    Yes, the Dingo drama continues. When he seemed to be recovering, the vet had me start weaning him off prednisone and the chemo-type drug. A week later, he had half as many platelets. Now he is back on the original dose of his meds.

    The steroids make him ravenous and thirsty. I have to water him in 1/2 cup increments now b/c w. a free-flowing water system, he waterlogged himself, drinking like 8 times his daily necessity. He got so bloated from water he was waddling. I had to take him the vet at 8 pm one night, he was in such distress. Restricting his water was an easy fix.

    Now my formerly good dog is getting in the trash, looking for more food. It's like "This is Dingo's brain. This is Dingo's brain on drugs."

    I wrote this post, though, b/c somebody may need this info some day. Today Dingo helped himself to my valentine's gift, a 3 1/2 oz. bar of extra dark Godiva chocolate. That quantity is more than sufficient to kill a 17 pound dog.

    Guess what? Per the neighborhood pharmacist, one may no longer purchase those standard poison remedies, activated charcoal nor syrup of ipecac! The vet had me give him a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide instead. After about 20 minutes, the Godiva chocolate was on the carpet, so hydrogen peroxide DOES work to make dogs vomit.

    I feel that this is bs, not allowing the public to purchase common, tried-and-true remedies for non-corrosive poisons. I feel fortunate we have a relationship with the vet! (Although the vet may be thinking we're a lot of trouble at this point.) I can't imagine what parents do when their kids eat the ex-lax or something these days. Straight to the ER, do not pass Go, do pay $1000 or more...

    I just wanted to share the hydrogen peroxide trick. If your pet ingests something harmful, a handy bottle of unexpired hydrogen peroxide might save its life. If you have a toddler, you might want to ask a doctor if this trick works for kids too.

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    Awww I'm sorry Dingo is still having so much trouble. Pred sure does make them eat and drink - and pee!

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    Betheny, good that this trick worked for Dingo. Yes, I heard chocolate is a poison for dogs. I hope he feels better soon!

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    my doggie liked to have raw greenbeans and baby carots as snacks. can you give ice cubes? it is a small amount of water, and he can chew them to satisfy his munchies. sorry he is still having troubles. I had to lol picturing dingo waterlogged. like a dingo water balloon. I know, not funny. did you manage to get the choco stain out of your carpet? silly little dog. the vet bills are inflating over here too. jack and his crystals and strawberry with her mamary mass, and still needing to spay nuit.

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    Just a caution, if you have really hard ice cubes - may be hard on the teeth. Mine adore ice chips though, perhaps a bit easier to crunch.

    Vet bills sure can add up, sorry you're having so many at once Jody.

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    Bethany, thanks for offerring this tip. My pug nearly snatched up a blood pressure pill I dropped this morning. I'd hate to think what that might have done to her. That dog will eat ANYthing!
    "The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off." -Gloria Steinem

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    I get my charcoal at wally whirled in the vitamins section. Any rounded Health Food store should carry it also. And last but not least, anywhere ya get indoor grow supplies, activated charcoal is sold for filtering air.
    The old fashioned way is burn wood and use the coals. Natural works just as good
    Good for poultices for nasty draining infected wounds also. We've saved a lot of animals this way, both poisons and wounds. Works for overdoses also. It is what they give ya when they don't know the poison.

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    Capn-What does the "activated" mean, in regards to charcoal? I'll have to look around, I need some on hand apparently.

    Jody-Haven't gotten the stain out yet. My carpet is kind of beyond hope anyway. I need to replace it w/ a hard surface anyway, carpet is pretty disgusting if you think about it.

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    Beth, they should let people know what pred. does, to people let alone dogs. I once was getting 500 mg infusions of pred, went home and kicked the child gate at top of stairs thru the front window at bottom of stairs. It makes you crazy, wanna eat everything in site, and not in site. It will really make him flip out, good luck, keep him in his own garbage tho.

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