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Thread: 19 years ago today!

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    19 years ago today!

    on the way home from a funeral where 3 of my friends died in a car crash me and my friend crashed his car flipped a few times then hit a tree were i flew out the front window head first into a tree. 38 now so i have spent half my life in a chair. i was thinking i have been in the chair longer then i have been walking.
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    33 years 08/26/77

    Life goes on. Make the most of it.
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    I guess when the balance shifts to the sci side, it becomes the "new normal." Keep counting those anniversary dates.
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    Wow! Well, walking is overrated anyway
    Your lucky to be alive, seems you made it out on top, considering the odd

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    Dave just had one year in Oct.

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    ten years for me. I can walk some though, with braces and sticks.

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    4 Years next month for me. I agree with Freebird. Life goes on and, I add, it could have been worse.

    If I make it to the point where I am in the chair longer than I was walking I will be 98 years old. I am 53 now. That's a long way to go!!!!!!
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    mine is coming up on 3/4. it was 3/4/04 and i'm back in school but at least now there is a major stop light and turn signal at that intersection where grandpa missed his stop sign and tboned me...and get this my last name is about irony!

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    20 yrs in June.

    I'm glad you lived to make 19 yrs. Wishing you many more!

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    Hey Kel13, that is ironic. Hope you're doing well. Makes me wonder if there are any "last name, Wheeler" out there. Now that's ironic ! lol I was injured at 44, so 88 would be half for me. Don't really expect to live that long, but hey, maybe I should be taking better care of myself. (old joke, lol)

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