Hello to all, I have been viewing this site numerous times daily for several weeks now and have finally found the courage to join. I was unsure because most of the members have more serious issues than I do, and I wasn't sure how I would be received, but I have a feeling this wonderful group will have good advice for me. Six weeks ago I herniated two discs, L3-4 and L4-5, while stretching too far to put on a sock. The pain in my right buttock and leg/foot for the first five days was unbelievable. I finally went to the doctor and got steroids which reduced the pain to a much more bearable level. For two weeks I went to a chiropractor for adjustments, which weren't helping, so he ordered a MRI. On the fifth day when the pain started to lessen, I noticed I had drop foot. I have been to several doctors who say I need surgery to correct the foot drop, but are hesitant to operate on me because of my weight, currently 377. I was 410 six weeks ago, but have lost weight due to stress and nausea mostly. I have found one doctor willing to operate on me, however he will not give me numbers as to how likely surgery is to cure this foot issue. I would be very unhappy if this surgery caused me to loose bladder/bowel control or worse. The foot drop has caused me to fall several times. I have an AFO but it is extremely uncomfortable to walk in. I am thankful I can walk and I feel guilty for complaining. I know time is of the essence when dealing with foot drop. I can't decide if surgery is worth the risk at my weight, but am very depressed about having to live with drop foot. I don't know if I will be able to go back to being a sleep tech as my leg is weak also. Please let me know of any information you can share or an excellent doctor I can go to. I live in hampton roads in VA. Thanks in advance.