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Thread: Do you think freezer is dead?

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    TAM, can probably find out online cost of motor replacing, value of your freezer (is it a frig/freezer) (and subtract life expectancy/use) and see what it is worth. Installation contractors may be the highest cost. Distributors may sell whole-sale to just whole sale companies, not retail. Been there-done that.. sometimes not worth it.

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    The old things did last much longer than these days. The people don't want to have old fashion things anyway, so they are changing them out even if they still work. And noone except students and people on disebility buy second hand.

    A cellphone work 1 year, a laptop 2 years, in 25 years I have had 5 different freezers, 4 washing machines, 3 driers, it is a very boring way to spend money on. I don't know how many TVs I have had.
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    I think I would plug it in for just a few minutes and listen...wouldn't hurt to even use an extention cord, just to see if you hear anything...we had a wiring problem that took forever to figure out a few years ago...the toaster, micro, fridge were all on the same circut and when ever we plugged the crock pot in the outlet the toaster was plugged into it would trip everything off...but only sometimes...not was only when everything was being used at the same time, once we figured out what was happening we just moved the toaster and never use that plug anymore...eventually it did get fixed...I hope it is a cheap fix...I think there are a few more years on a 9 yr old freezer...

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    Thanks. I'll call the shop tomorrow, and see what they say. It's a local company, they're pretty good. It's a standalone freezer, not fridge/freezer.

    I think plugging it in is a no-go - it's not the noise, it's all the smoke that came out!

    I have figured out that it's on the same circuit as the kitchen (ridiculous) but nothing else much was running. Apparently, whatever went wrong with the freezer was tripping the circuit. And causing the smoke.

    I hate smoke before coffee. Of course, I hate almost anything before coffee.

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    so the smoke you are sure came from the freezer? but the firemen thought it was the furnace? I guess I just read this wrong, lol...
    I need another cup of coffee...smoke and fires scare the hell outa me too...again, hope it is a cheap and easy fix...

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    lol I understand the need for more coffee. I still need more coffee.

    No, it wasn't the furnace - the freezer is just near the furnace. The smoke came from somewhere behind the freezer - I couldn't tell if it was wires, freezer, or what. I just turned the furnace off because of smoke in the near vicinity of the gas furnace - figured off was better. (had the furnace going KABOOM! earlier this year, don't want a repeat)

    I was also confused since I thought I heard the dishwasher trying to run (and I recently installed a new one). But in hindsight, what I probably heard was a horrid sound from the freezer (the freezer is pretty much below the dishwasher, and the circuits pretty far away so hard to tell).

    The firemen said it smelled like a burned motor, and couldn't find anything burned (wall, wires, cords) so their guess was the freezer motor.

    Since unplugging the furnace allows the breaker to be reset, that's almost certainly it.

    Hmmm... I am not having a good appliance year actually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAM63 View Post
    Wow, now that amazes me. Unless they're making them a lot worse these days - other freezers I or my parents or friends have had generally lasted about 20 years.
    rofl! not these days.

    If you do have to bite the bullet and buy a new one, you might recover some of the cost over the long term by getting one that is more energy efficient.
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    Figures. Sigh. Guess I'll find out tomorrow.

    I suppose it's not as bad as the kabooming furnace. Equal to the dishwasher. Oh wait, worse than the microwave.

    I hate appliances this year.

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    I would replace that freezer. you can get a tax write off for getting a more energy efficient model. If you go through sears, you do well with a warranty, and they used to take the old one away in some places.

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    Thanks. I was going to check that out as well as my usual local place.

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