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Thread: Where is my thread?

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    Where is my thread?

    I posted a thread yesterday about a TV commercial for catheters that used what appeared to be an abled bodied actor on a wheelchair. I can´t find the thread. Why?
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    I just went through your posts and see nothing ... are you sure it went through when you posted?
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    I saw it. There were actually two of them, maybe a mod tried to delete the duplicate and deleted both.
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    Yeah, one even had a response. I first put it on equipment and then moved it to life where it should have been in the first place.

    I hope it was deleted by accident, because there was nothing objectionable on it at all, I don´t think.
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    Oh was that yours?

    Sorry, I ate it.
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    Sorry, I tried to move it and it disappeared. Can you post again?


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    Ohh, there you are. LOL. It´s ok. It was no big deal, I just thought it was curious that it had disappeared.
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