Here are the results from an MRI I had done yesterday on my shoulder:
rotator cuff tendons: no rotator cuff tear. Mildtendinosis of the lateral supraspinatus tendon. Moderate tendinosis and thickening of the laterl

subscapular tendon.

rotator cuff muscles: chronic grade 3/4 atrophy the teres major muscle. no evidence of a soft tissue mass in the quadrilateral space. No myositis.

acromion: type II

subacromial bursa: negative

a/c joint: negative

glenohumeral joint:
tear or the posteroinferior and labrum, without periosteal stripping plus tiny adjacent impaction type fracture of the posteroinferio margin of the glenoid

surrounded by a mild amount of bone edema, suggestive of a subacuete fracture.

the humeral head is internally rotated and moderately posteriorly subluxed on MRI exam and on the radiographic exam, likely due to anterior joint capsule

and subscapular tendon laxity.
My shoulder still hurts like hell and my doctor the ordered the MRI is out of town until Thursday. What does all of this mean and what can they do about it. I still can't lift my arm in front of me at my shoulder and they never checked to see why my tenodesis was so bad. I'm really freaked out about all of this. I can't lift my arm up high enough to get to the wheel on my chair or that the fork up to my mouth to eat. Somebody please tell me what all this means. It's really destroying my life right now.