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Thread: drunk drivers and state law

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    drunk drivers and state law

    the video, judge's statement, victim's comments pretty much say it all.

    the law needs to be changed. saying "i'm sorry" is a good step, but not enough.

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    So he could have gotten 120 months, but only got 30? That judge needs to grow a bigger set of ovaries...
    "If ya don't have it in the hips, ya better have it in the lips..." ~ Charlie - Villa Dulce

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    I had something to do with the breathalizer being required for drunk drivers in pa. When the DA asked me what I would do if I could influence outcome what would it be. My answere was, require treatment and breathalizer on cars for offenders that would cause the car not to start. and that they should have to pay for it. This lead to petitions. It is actually being done now in pennsylvania. I was in a bar at a gig, when the person next to me was bitching that the expense of their breathalizer was just crap. I could not help it, I let them know it was some of my doing. this was no stranger. they knew I was hit by a drunk driver. had even donated tward repair of my wheelchair. I never saw the man that hit me. He would not come to any of the hearings. He did not have to use the breathalizer for that incident, but if ever he is involved in another dui, he will have to pay to have one for five years. and that is after serving time, and losing driving priveleges for however long they do that. harsher laws are needed. perhaps if that judge had a loved one affected by a drunk driver, the highes punishment possible would have been issued.

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    the judge gave him the max this stupid state allows. WA, home of MADD.

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    I see. the link did not work when i tried it first time, but now I see that she did not want to be lenient. I like that california is keeping some dui offenders cars.

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    Jody You go girl

    When I was 16 we were involved in a very bad car accident
    A Woman under the influence Ran a Red light full speed and hit us just as my light changed green
    I seen her face as she smashed into our car I passed out from a excruciating pain . Some EMT guy found me on the ground as I passed out

    After I awoke I heard she was influenced and drove 13 hours straight non stop intill the mid night hours to head to the Hamptons

    I only remember a little of that moment of life because My neck was broken and I was out .

    Nearly 30 years later I just remember tidbits of the situation and looking back she got a slap on the hand basically and she never ever appologizied or cared . She was out of state and always had some fancy excuse plus she was super rich and had fancy Lawyers so basically she just didnt care ...
    While We all had broken bones and messed up lives . This is how My neck broke the first time

    It was a long time ago Back then the cops didnt use the breathalyzer or draw blood options

    I wish they did
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