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Thread: Happy Valentines Day- almost :)

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    Happy Valentines Day- almost :)

    Dear CC
    I just want to tell you I love you! I am so greatful to have you in my life and dont know what I would do if I didnt have your love and support!
    I admire you so much and the people here have been a great example to me in many ways.
    I dont know if I will have time to log on over the next couple of days and I wanted to make sure I was able to express my feelings to you!
    This group gets the worst of me. I usually turn to you when I am feeling hopless, scared, frusterate and angry. What ever I need to vent about something there is always an encouaging response here for me.
    Your the best, all my love...

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    What a nice post! Happy Valentine's Day to you too.

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    how very sweet. a happy february 14 to you too.

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    Hi there I wish you the same
    How beautiful of you to post such a lovely thing
    Happy Valentines Day to all of you here at CC
    Sincerely ;

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