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Thread: Laptops for ONLY 40$!!!

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    Laptops for ONLY 40$!!!

    In this web you can win a laptop only for buying two signal boosters for your mobile phone, for 40$:

    There are also Xbox, PlayStation 2, Mobile phones, iPod, ...
    IT IS NOT A TRICK, visit the page and you'll see that both you and they won with this business. I'm already waiting for a laptop...

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    Pyramid Type Scheme, check their FAQ first.

    ...and, this is SPAM. Google search for his link elsewhere.

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    fu*king spammer

    edit:someone lock this thread.
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    yeah besides spammer and scammer, the signal booster for cell phones are another item that does nothing but make these people wealthier

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    You need to be very cautious of these sites - trust me...NOTHING is for free. Lots of these places use offers like this just to get ahold of your credit card information. This may not be one of those sites, but like I said, be very cautious....please.

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    Its too good to be true

    Lothan-you must be a jerk!

    You come to our website for people with paralysis & their friends & first of your posts is some spam!!!

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