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Thread: NY Times releases never before seen ariel photos of 9/11

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    NY Times releases never before seen ariel photos of 9/11

    I cried last night when I saw the slide show.
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    Hi I just tried to open the link but for some odd reeason I couldnt

    When I think of 9/11 I get saddened because 4 of m family members were seriosly affected and lost

    After my cousins who were stock brokers etc..They were in the mess . the 2 Brothers passed away and then as a result of the family shock their parents died from their losses all in about a month 4 members of my family gone a whole Son / Son in the accident > Father / Mother couldnt deal with the loss and it all fell apart .
    This tore up my family hard it was like someone took a eraser and erased 4 relatives in my family
    Still to this day I never forget that Morning
    9/ 11 was a horrible day

    Sorry I just had to get this off my chest
    Always ;

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    Quote Originally Posted by gypsylady View Post
    Hi I just tried to open the link but for some odd reeason I couldnt

    Try copying and pasting the link directly into your browser's address bar. That should take you to the site.

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    so sad ...

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    still can't watch it without deep sorrow. I still do not feel safe. still feel like a sitting duck. even so I still feel the war thing is not helping to keep this from happening again.

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    I looked at the photos when CNN showed them as though some brand-new evidence was going to be shown. It was the same thing I've already seen, and sadly, I think many of us, like me, have become desensitized by 9/11 imagery.

    I'll become emotional when a victim's family member speaks of their loss, but the actual photos of the day I think have become permanently etched so as there is no shock anymore.

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