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Thread: Neck and Back pain What treatment?

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    Cool Neck and Back pain What treatment?

    I was in a rear end collision 9 months ago. Since I have been diagnosed with Whiplash, sciatica, RLS, and finally a ruptured disk.
    I was in the front passengers seat stopped waiting for a train. There was no damage to my van but the woman who hit us tore the front of her car up. I was sitting sideways with the seatbelt still in place around me looking at one of my children in the back seat behind me. I was jarred very hard and slung sideways toward the dash of my van.
    I have been through physical therapy, traction and electroshock therapy the pain in my back and legs remains now one doctor wants to give me steriod injections in my hips another says that I have a ruptured disk and the shots would not do much good. Has anyone had these injections, do they work or they just a waste of time. I am a diabetic and have a heart murmur. I am afraid of them.

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    I am a little confused - you have a ruptured disc in your back, but the doctors want to inject your hip joints?

    Steroid injections reduce inflammation. So sometimes injecting steroids in the back for disc problems can be helpful - as it may reduce inflammation in/around the painful nerves by the discs.

    I'm a little confused why they want to inject your hips - unless you have pain in your hips? If so, yes, steroid injections into painful joints can help some people.

    Perhaps I'm missing something - what level is your ruptured disc? How was that diagnosed - by MRI?

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    I have a lot of pain in my hips and legs. No I have not had an MRI because I do not have any insurance. A disability doctor diagnosed a ruptured disk while he was doing a spinal exam He wants me to have an MRI but this is very expensive and my husband and I live on my husbands disability.
    I can not lift my legs to get into the bath or go up the steps the pain in my hips is sometimes unbearable. I hurt to even have sex with my husband, this is putting a strain on my marriage.

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    I'm so sorry you are in so much pain.

    First of all, is there a possibility of medical coverage from the auto insurance of the person that hit you?

    Secondly, there are some websites I've seen that offer MRIs at a steep discount - starting at $380 for example. I cannot vouch for these, I have never used one - but they might be worth checking out. Here's one example:

    If the problem is actually in your hips, it is possible that steroid injections might help them. If the problem is from the disc, then probably not. If the problem is from the disc, I believe they would inject near the nerve roots at the spine. Depending upon what's wrong, that might help.

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    As a diabetic, you also need to be careful about steroid injections. It can jack up your sugars theoretically.

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    As a diabetic, my glucose goes up 100-200 points when I get steriod shots, monitor your numbers.

    I also wonder about placement as TAM mentioned, I share her concern

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    That's very interesting Arndog and Bollefen - some people say the steroid from injections is not absorbed systemically. Obviously that is not the case - good info for us to know.

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    Actually, Tam, bollefen is correct. One of the first things they want to know is if you are a diabetic, are on blood thinners, etc. Anyway, I was a gestational diabetic years ago. So, I am always on the lookout. In any case, I purchased a meter and watch my blood sugar levels for any changes. If I see it go up a tad, I will change my diet around. And just for the record they use very little steroid, at least my PM does. Even so, yep, it can raise your levels. But what they usually say is that you might have to adjust your diabetes med(s). Oops, what I should have added is that I get the "jitters" sometimes after an injection. But the PM doc says that is really coming from the numbing med. But it goes away after about a day.

    ccev, you definitely need an MRI. You do NOT want them going blindly in without flouroscopy guidance either. NEVER, EVER let that occur! Now for the hips, I don't see too much of a problem with that. I have had injections for trochanteric bursitis before and that wasn't a deal. Even so, I can't understand why they would want to do that either if the pain is being referred from the discs themselves. Seriously, an MRI is needed.

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    Thanks for the further info. I did not doubt Arndog and Bollefen - it makes sense to us. We had been given info to the contrary, and doubted it.

    My husband is not diabetic, so we're not really concerned with sugar levels. However, he now has adrenal insufficiency, and especially when his adrenals are (hopefully) trying to recover, any steroid doses are imporant. So this is definitely good info for us to know.

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    I think diabetics need to be extra vigilant after a steroid injection too b/c steroids often make you hungry. When I had steroid injections into my facet joints before one of my surgeries I couldn't figure out why I was so hungry and craving things I don't typically eat. I mentioned this to a friend who has gone through many steroid injections and she said it is common. Even if the steroid itself doesn't raise your blood sugar, the foods you choose after the injection might.
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