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Thread: Choosing a State to live in.

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    If you want warm I know a lot of people move to Arizona, or New Mexico, I am not sure about the services there but I have visited them and I very much enjoyed it there. We have a few people on here that live there Ryebred, JenJen and ihope being a few that come to mind.You might want to Pm them if they don't see this thread.
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    But what about these?

    and this are just a few I have found. My husbands medical condition and care are the most important factor in where we move to. He seems to be most comfortable in temperatures around 80 with a bit of humidity.
    Just looking for best place for him medically and environmentally.
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    If you're willing to go to South Carolina, I'd seriously consider Atlanta, GA (or a suburb) if care and resources are the primary concerns. The latitude is basically the same & the Shepherd Center is there.

    Summers are hot & humid in either state. Aside from the hot months the weather is pretty decent.

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    Hey, what about California?? Aside from us almost being bankrupt, having a GoverNATOR, and cost of living thru the roof - it doesn't get much better than San Diego!
    Pretty good hospitals, universities, WEATHER, mountains, ocean, desert, all within driving distance, and did I mention WEATHER? Today was about 74 degrees. Actually, now is a pretty good time to buy out here!

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    lol and EARTHQUAKES -- No Thanks!
    Cathi - Wife of Edward (C6-7 complete) as of Sept. 2,2007

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    You Can get all the weather statistics for any city in any state here:
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    Earthquakes and fires! After awhile, you get used to the "shake and bake"!!

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    Hi Everyone
    I know heat is sometimes very unbearing but no matter what state anyone moves there is always going to be pro's and con's

    I think Texas is kool for SCI people because Houston / Dallas really got some great Medical Facilities plus places being handicap user friendly For some reason TX has done alot of work to make wheelchair bound people more comfortable .

    Over the years I've looked into where is a decent state for my SCI and still live happily in Tx Granted I live in a very desolate area but I have my place here out in the country .
    For Family folk with a SCI member
    The bigger cities are what I reccomend
    Being Stem cell procedure wise this is why I reside in Tx
    Also it is right next to NM and a trip to Arizona is fairly close

    Just Thinking away
    Keep smiling

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    Come out here to Arizona. It's beautiful 9 1/2 months out of the year. Sure, the summers are kind of hot, but it's a dry heat (LOL). I lived in New Jersey before this and it was horrible in the summer times with the humidity. That was long before I got hurt but even I didn't like it when I was nine years old. Phoenix is only five hours away from everything. Las Vegas is right around the corner, San Diego to go surfing, or if you want to escape the heat in the summertime it's a 2 Hour Drive to Flagstaff. The services are pretty good once you get in. If I remember correctly, the process wasn't that hard. They basically wanted me to be all set up. I don't know about cost of living because I have nothing to compare with. I do know it's a lot cheaper than California.
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    A couple of thing I’d consider when choosing a home are community where I had some friends or relatives nearby and a community with recreational activities I enjoy. Hopefully, you will spend more time with friends and having a good time that you will spend receiving medical care. Having to travel for recreation will have you spending alot of the money you thought you were saving with cheap housing.

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