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Thread: Ideas for a birthday gift

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    Ideas for a birthday gift


    My baby girl is becoming a teenager on the 27th Feb 2010 and i'm not sure what birthday gift to get her. I need some ideas please.

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    New car.

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    Haha exactly what I was going to say - a car.

    However, if becoming a teenager means age 13, that might be a teensy bit premature. I'd think ask her what she really wants (parents rarely guess right with teenagers). Or find some of her friends, and ask them for suggestions - they'd know.

    Depending upon where you live, if it would be a treat, a shopping trip to a big city - let her pick stuff. Maybe including hair and makeup done somewhere.

    Maybe some sort of special jewelry, if she's into that.

    A trip to a concert of event she really wants to see, with a group of her friends.

    At least here, friends are everything to teenagers. Of course, I do not know your culture. For for a US teen, that's stuff I might think of.

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    Thanks for the replies so far.

    kkmay - She is too young (13) for a new car. I'll get her one when she is 18 - the legal age to drive here in South Africa

    TAM63 - i am taking her and a friends to a nice mall to watch a movie, lunch and then some arcade games & ten pin bowling. Jewelry is a good idea - thanks.

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    You're welcome. Sounds like a fun day.

    I don't know about your daughter, but I've seen at a significant age getting something special - a piece of more "grown up" jewelry - a necklace or ring for example.

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