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Thread: So how many of you work full time?

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    So how many of you work full time?

    Hi there!

    So I found it interesting today when I was talking to a PT who was doing my wheelchair fitting.

    She said so you work? I said yes. She said oh really? Full time? I said yes...She said how many hours? I said 8-10. She was like, WOW! that is really impressive, you're one of the few.

    When she said there aren't many of you who actually work full time I found that hard to believe.

    So my question is how many of you guys do work full time? Is it really odd for someone in a wheelchair to work full time and not work from home all the time?

    I mean the constant pain sucks but hell I'll be in pain if i'm working or if i'm sitting at home so theres no difference to me except I won't be getting paid
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    Been working full time since the monday after I left rehab. It is 5am, I have my huge cup of coffee and am ready to start another day in fact

    I just assumed most people worked, how else do they get money for food, rent and internet access (the three basic necessities)

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    I work full time as well...usually 10-12 hours a day. While I know there are people who do not because their disability prevents them from doing so, most everyone I know who is in a chair works full time.
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    Those times I have been so lucky to get a job, I have been working full time as well.

    Now, I think it would have been too much, I would like to work 50% and have 50% disability money.
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    50-60 hours a week for this quad... for now. I don't think it's super-healthy for a quad to work nutty hours, but I enjoy what I do (mostly) and I don't get to be a hermit.

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    Work full time. Pays way better than disability........

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    The only way to get ahead in life is to earn it. I have a full time job for living expenses and savings and a side business to pay for my toys.

    I'm not sure how many wheelers are unemployed but the unemployment rate for those in the disability category is very high. Something like 60%?

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    full time, since 1982, 8-9 hours a day
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    That PT needs to get out more.

    (maybe bring her your cookies :-) )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Liz321 View Post
    That PT needs to get out more.

    (maybe bring her your cookies :-) )
    Agreed! Retired now because of bum shoulders, but I worked full time for 31 years non-stop.

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