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Thread: Hang over cures

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    Quote Originally Posted by Art454 View Post
    I thought it asked hang over cures.....don't drink so much fills the bill in my book.

    Also a lot of pressure sore's come from drinking to much and you don't give a shit about pressuer relielfs or you pass out in your chair for 6 to 8 hours and wonder why you got one.

    Thanks for the mini lecture Art Now to bring the thread back to the original topic of how to deal with a hangover once your already have one:

    A friend of mine swears by Gatorade, a bowl of cut up fruit, and vitamin B6. Another says putting honey in cup of water or tea and having that along with a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich works wonders for him. In the past I found watered down orange juice, a can of lukewarm condensed chicken soup, and 3 Advil Liquid gel capsules seemed to help on the rare occasion I have drank too much. However even 2 beers over the course of an evening seems to cause a hangover for me. Lacking access to these items this morning, it got me curious about what others use to deal with a hangover.
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    I hope you're feeling better OJ. I hate hangovers, they come more easily now that I'm older. Tomorrow you'll be over the hump.
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    ice cold Coke.
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    im like you OJ i can drink 3 beers and the next day i feel like shit but sorry dont have any answers for you but ill be reading what works lol

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    Pills for allergy One at night and one in the morning. Here they are called Zyrtec
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    Intramuscular vitamin B injection before drinking. OK, not too practical, but boy it works....

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    Quote Originally Posted by woman from Europe View Post
    Pills for allergy One at night and one in the morning. Here they are called Zyrtec
    we use Zyrtec here too. for allergy. I think alkaseltzer is the best though, I have only had three hangovers.

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    The fizzy Excedrin PM right when you get home and some ''comfort carbs'' like crackers, mac 'n cheese, pbj, etc.

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    My uncle used to say: don't sober up enough to9 get one. When i drink I hardly get a hangover. but a good meal is good.

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    Lots of liquid the moment you wake up, nothing will help until you're re-hydrated.

    Follow that with a full English breakfast washed down with a Bloody Mary and you should start to feel human again.

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