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Thread: returning to work after a looong absence-need advice please!

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    returning to work after a looong absence-need advice please!

    my SCI was nine years ago and I don't have the stamina to go back to work full-time, but I can use a computer and would like to seek part time work from home. I'm getting my resume together and am not sure how to explain this gap. should I include a note about this or let it be and explain in the interview? or would the gap be a reason for the employer not to pursue hiring me?

    would making a point to tell about my disabled status work in my favor (say, in the case of the employer needing to meet a quota?)
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    What work are you qualified to do that you could do from home? Most people who work from home have an existing job that allows them to telecommute. There are very few jobs that are legitimate that allow you to work at home without having already worked in the field, and most require additional school or experience or both. Getting out of the house to a workplace is also better for you socially and to help build your endurance.


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    If you are serious about going back to work, you may want to start volunteering someplace while you are looking (preferably before). I think that this will help land a job, though jobs from home, not easy to find.
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