Hi,i have been to my urologist today again after changing my sp cathetor friday cause i was still leaking but with no help cause im still leaking from my pe.. today.When i lie down its fine but the moment i get into my chair i start leaking.Is there a diff between visicare and ditrisitol capsules.I use to be on ditrisitol when i was self catheterising but now on visicare with the sp cathetor.The urologist told me today to go back to the hospital monday to inject something i dont know what into my penis that MIGHT help to reduce the leaking from the penis.Thats option 1 second option is to cut open my stomach and divert my ureta i think to another place on my stomach which i can attach to a bag and i would have to spend 10 days in hospital.Should i just maybe go back to indwelling cathetor?The doc said no for infection and that my pe.. head is already tearing.Please give me some advise.Have tried the condom cathetor but had a rash after 5 days