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Thread: Anyone using a Krankcycle

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    Quote Originally Posted by jody View Post
    that is cool. what if there were foot pedals to strap your feet to, while still using the hand cranks? that way you get muscle tone in the useless legs and abs too.
    Hey Jody,

    Do you mean for the legs to go round at the same time as the arms,or to be in a fixed position but braced? As for the abs,it has been shown,through tests,that the abs do engage tremendously throughout the entire time using the Krankcycle due to the balance element.Not just balance to remain upright,but the balance of strength,power & control of left side to right side,dominant side to non-dominant side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
    That looks very interesting Larry. Dang, you're gonna be in shape in no time. Any idea on price for the SCI-fit, couldn't find one.Thanks.
    I hope I'm in shape soon Patrick! Gotta get in the thong by summer! I'll wear it backwards for the full effect! LOL Just kidding of course.

    I paid $4,200 for the SciFit, so it's pretty darn pricey. I've had it a for a couple years now and I used it alot at first, then it gathered dust for a long time and I tried to sell it. Boy am I glad now I did not sell it, cause it is making a world of difference for me!!
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    If SciFit is 4 grand, then the price for the krankcycle will seem a bargain. I believe it is currently available for 2 grand. I wonder what a regular spinning bike costs these days. I would imagine the prices of the krank and leg spinning will converge ultimately. But I know Krankcycle might be high right now to pay for R and D.

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    The Krankcycle looks interesting. For the handcyclers out there, whats the point of buying a $2000 Krankcycle when you have a $4000 or more hand cycle, which essentially does the same thing? Mine is on a bike trainer.

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    An inddor upperbody Ergometer adds to the training and is a great crosstrainer.

    It offers different heights and patterns of cranking that a h/c an't duplicate. Would be nice not to have to put on and take off the h/c from the trainer. Space, you name all kinds of reasons.

    Best one I've seen it the Technogym Excite Top cardio Machine.

    I keep my bike outside so i can ride the entire year. I already have a Vitaglide but want something with a different ergonomic patterrn than the push/pull. The Excite seems to do everything I want: adjustable crank lengths, forward/backward strokes, the cranks being able to be put in alternating position and adjustbale crank height. I like the training program with a good h/r monitor to maximize the workout.

    The Krankcycle does a lot and I may still consider it but I don't like that the crank arms are so short. The SCi Fit looks good but is enormous. May still just end up building a frame for the front end of one of my old handcycles for indoor use.

    I'd have to buy used for a technog gym but it sure looks interesting. If it keeps me on the road handcyling that much longer, it's worth it.

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    a local gym bought 4 Kranks here in VT and I've been training on them all winter. I think they are great and can really get a superb cardio by intensely cranking and using intervals. No classes yet but it would be fun to train in a group. I would encourage clubs to purchase them. They are an inlcusive piece of equipment. The are easy to get on if you want to transfer (I do) or move the seat and pull your chair right into position.

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    Thanks Patrick.

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