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Thread: Anyone using a Krankcycle

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    Hey DK, the Vita Glide provides a better workout as far as working the basic core muscle groups and also provides a great cardio. The handles are attached so when one is pulled the other pushes which is great for those with limited strength in one arm. I like the fact that it is readily accessible from a w/c and has various levels of "drag" for strength exercizes.

    The Krankcycle is fairly new to the wheelchair world. It looks like it may be a really good piece of cardio equipment for us. It is just recently that they made a modification to the seat to where it can be detached for a wheelchair user. This provides users who can't transfer an opprotunity to maximize their potential. I think the ledgge can be easily manuverable, but I agree that design should be revisited. I'm presently trying to get my gym to buy one or two.

    One of the drawbacks of the Krankcycle to me is the crank arms seem rather short. The Vitaglide provides a long stroke that works out our shoulder girdle much more efficiently.

    I'm sure there are others that will provide a better explanation of the two.

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    The original design had a fixed saddle,much like that of a Spinning bike but the intention from day one was to make it fully accessible to wheelchairs (because that's where the concept came from).As far as the ridge at the back goes,it seems to be easier to approach it from the side and turn a sharp right angle to face front,but I guess everyone's different,right?

    The short crank arms are by design,along with a short crank axis,to enable high cadences to be achieved and in turn,a cardiovascular workout.There are plans to have inter-changeable handle pieces too.Working a heavier resistance on the Krankcycle increases the shoulder girdle's activity tremendously.Finally,the benefit of the independent crank arms is to create balance from the dominant side to the non-dominant side and in turn,more strength

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    Thanks Krankin', it looks like a great bike. I know from handcycling for 34 years, that one crank length does not work for all. Once I get a chance to workout on one, I may change my mind on the crank lengths and buy one for myself. I do like the different crank positions offered.

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    The sweet part that relates top the crank arm length that I've noticed gets over looked is the crank housing can go from incredibly upright to almost horizontal to cater for just about anybody.This also allows for either an aerobic training session or a more power-based workout.

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    The SciFit Pro Series 2 is what I have at home and I would highly recommend it. It would definitely be something worth mentioning to your Gyms about getting. It can be used with arms alone, legs along, both arms and legs and can be used from the seat or directly from a wheelchair. Seat, pedals and handles are all easily removed and/or adjusted.

    I ride it every other day, on the days I don't ride it I'm on the VitaGlide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
    Hey KM, Welcome bigtime to the forum. We really need guys like you in the gyms pushing our need for cardio and physical fitness.

    Most equipment, as you know, is A/b friendly. We either have to transfer to use it or make some ackward leaning reach to access it. In earlier days, it wasn't a big deal to transfer and workout. But now, with aging and shoulder issues, that isn't something I can do efficiently any more. If I didn't have such an inovative trainer who really understands thinking outside the box, I wouldn't even go anymore. I have better equipment here at home to do the basics.

    What is needed in the gyms now adays is equipment like you are training to use; Krankcycles, vitaglides, shoulder presses from a chair etc. It not only benefits we disabled but also you a/b's. It's a win/win for owners and users of the gym.

    I'm presently working on getting a few Krankcycles for my gym. THe manager is interested. I'm dropping off info tomorrow and am having the local w/c's users calling in asking if they have stuff like the KC,VG etc. If we can show there is a need and people will buy memberships, then they are more apt to buy the stuff we need.

    Keep with us, ask the questions and offer advice , I for one would really appreciate your input.
    what info are you dropping off..... i live in ct and would like to approach some gyms here with that info........

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    That looks very interesting Larry. Dang, you're gonna be in shape in no time. Any idea on price for the SCI-fit, couldn't find one.Thanks.

    Dianka, I downloaded the brochure from Krankcycle. I also spoke with the manager about using this as a way to increase volume in the membership by providing a workable alternative for disabled and abled bodied alike. BOth can use it effectively.

    I think I'll take in the stats on the SCI-fit also to the rehab where I ride the FES bike.

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    Thanks Krankin', It is really important for we wheelers to have the proper arm travel when working out on any ergo device. As you know, if it's not correct, we are more prone to injury.

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    My thinking is that the krankcycle people made a single product that can accommodate a 5'0'' woman and a 6'4'' man They chose an intentionally short crank arm length that had to be small for smaller people. I guess it works for everyone, maybe it doesn't matter if it seems short. Maybe it is better for your shoulders that way.....

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    that is cool. what if there were foot pedals to strap your feet to, while still using the hand cranks? that way you get muscle tone in the useless legs and abs too.

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