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Thread: Disability Culture

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    Disability Culture

    I am curious how many poeple believe there is a disability culture and whether or not they identify with it.
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    I think because I became injured at an older age of 34, I was already defined as a person. And since I have continued my same job, living in the same house, and pretty much trying to do the same kinds of things with my same friends......

    Well, basically, I have decided to accept my disability as a minor impairment. My goal is to continue on the same life path that I had before, being; growing a family, following a career, keeping good friends, travelling and basically doing whatever I want. The only difference now is I have to look after a fairly low-maintenance paraplegic man (me). But thats no sweat.
    This is really not going to be that much of an ordeal, definately not going to make it a source for excuses either.

    On the other hand - my friend Kenny has embraced the disabled culture since his injury. He became a wheelchair athlete, travels the world racing handcycles and wheelchairs. He is sponsored, he is dedicated. His life changed 110%. His disability is now what inspires him and also defines him.

    To my mind both are equally valid approaches to the same injury.

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    What's a disability culture?
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    If it wasn't, how could I have travelled all around meeting people from CC for seven weeks without knowing anybody at all. I believe whatever other people say, we have something importent in common. And I had a great time

    It doesn't mean I like all the people with a disability, I don't like all the Norwegian people either, but when I was in US in the summer it sure was fun to start to talk Norwegian with the unknown girl beside me because I found out she was Norwegian and from Oslo. We had something in common and it made us close for the few minutes we were talking together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rrrrronnn View Post
    What's a disability culture?
    CareCure is an example. I think he is merely asking is there a sector that disabled people find common ground in and become their own social network, like maybe gay people do.

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    I think there is (ideally) a shared understanding, and there is certainly a language and set of abbreviation's we all come to understand too.

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    Thanks for the poeple who have responded. My husband and I do agree with you mark. He was injured at 21 and even though we were only 21 we plan on living the life we have planned, and dont identify with this culture. But I also know poeple who do. I think we can all relate to life now, as for us its part of our life and we just deal with it and move forward.

    I am in a class where the professor is strong believer in, that there is a culture and his mission is to stregthen this culture, I have very time with alot of his comments about how poeple identify with it, and when he speaks for everyone who is disabled. He disabilities are ADHD, syriousis (sp) and Depression. I am by no means discrediting these as disabilities, but i have hard time with him being able to say that he feels the same way my husband and I do. He has done alot of reasearch and has lots of friends who have disabilites but i just have a hard time wraping my head around the fact that he can speak for everyone with a disability. I have said anything to him yet about this, but i am begining to feel that being in social work class it might be good for everyone to know that not eveyone feels his way. So my interest in this post is to get understanding about where poeple stand. I fell that there is culture, but that not everyone has created it as a part of their lives.

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    no, if there were one i wouldnt id myself w/it anyway. sci isnt a club. rep
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    snowbear, I think that disability types vary so much, that it's hard to define what "disability culture" is, especially as some single all encompassing concept. Even WITHIN particular disabilities, there is going to be disagreement and conflict about what this means. If you haven't already, I think doing some research on Deaf culture might give you a greater understanding of this issue, as there is some strong identity among deaf persons about this, as well as debate and divergence.
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    Sure there is the para Olympics. We seem to all agree the disabled parking spaces pissed all off at one time or another. As far as do I see myself disadvantaged. Well that depends on the day and I have used my disability to my advantage. I don't know any disable person that would not pick able body (AB) in a heart beat. Oh and that reminds me of our own words and phrases.

    So pick as part of the culture, please.
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