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Thread: Is this really what it is about?

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    Sounds about right, I would have got $500,000 but after everything was said and done, I was left with very little and I only got that very little through some questionable routes (as in the money was never in my name) if it was in my name I would have got $0.

    I never did a personal sue though, the laywer said we could sue the company who made my car I guess because the car was a pos. I got enough money to buy an old subaru outback and pay for 3 months at project walk, and that was that. Its better than nothing.

    Frankly you probably would have been better off accepting the workman's comp because at least they help you make sure you get everything you need like a nice wheelchair, modifications to your house, etc.

    It really is a shock, I remember my mom like WHAT THE FUCK! really? I push those memories of the first few months after getting hurt down deep. You realize how hard of a road you have ahead of you. But we all did it, so stay strong.
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