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Thread: thousands of dinasaur tracks

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    It was 6,000 years ago; they were being chased out of the Garden of Eden. Adam was riding the one in front.

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    Maybe they was marching after Wise advocating for clinical trials

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff B View Post
    Maybe they were watching a concert.
    ~lol~ Damn festival seating!

    Thanks for pointing out this story, Jody! Like Gypsy Lady, I love stories like this.
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    global warming, of course!

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    I could be something as simple and common as a forest fire to make them all go in the same direction at once.

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    yes, I think a fire or flood. I have seen animals react during and befor and earthquake. they go nuts. but a california brush fire drives all the creatures out in the same direction in a mad dash out of the burning canyons or the hills to avoid being BBQ. I think that is what they will decide. that they were running away from fire.

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    Seems like a flood would wash the tracks away.

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    I think it was for a barbecue!

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    We'll maybe these Dinosaurs were looking for me

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    Shoot them too, -they are big and dangerous. Are they?
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