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Thread: I'm thinking of selling my condo and buying this house

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    Again, not trying to damper your enthusiasm, but having recently gone in the exact opposite direction a few years ago I can tell you that I would not want to go back into a house. I had my own house for 27 years, and while I loved the house dearly, I got very tired of paying for grass cutting, snow plowing, hedge trimming, leaf raking and on and on. It's true that I now pay a condo fee, but it is less than the monthy amount I was putting out for house upkeep by far, and I no longer have to be the one home to meet the repair people, the oil burner cleanout, or anything else.

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    Anyone using a chair and having a slope in the yard, will usually end up not using the yard. Too hard on the shoulders and pushing uphill in unlevel grass is not that fun. especially as we get older and the shoulders go.

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    Heck , with $450,000 , I'd buy couple hundred acres in Missouri and a small ranch. Have plenty left over to rehab the house.
    oh well

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    Seems like a lot of money for that house and does not look very wheechair friendly. For $182,400.00 base price you could by a 1550 sq ft house in Venice Florida brand new. You could then rent a place in CT for summers, that would be ideal. Just get a job you can do from both places.
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    Damn, yah that is alot for what your getting imo.
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    Don't worry, folks, I don't want either place. I drove past them and could see from my car that they were way overpriced. The larger house is in such bad shape, it looks like it's going to fall down. The smaller one isn't worth the money.

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    The price is in the location. There are six-figure differences in houses of equal build quality where I used to live vs. where I live now. It all depends what you want and if the region will sustain a higher cost of living (greater paying jobs, etc).

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    Sheesh, high taxes? I wanna live where you guys do.

    Quote Originally Posted by kenf View Post
    Heck , with $450,000 , I'd buy couple hundred acres in Missouri and a small ranch. Have plenty left over to rehab the house.
    $5 = Too high taxes?, Ranches?, Special services? A new home for $182?,
    Decent homes in my stupid area start at $7, and if you want higher end (ie, 4k sf) fugetaboutit. How's about 75-80degree year round, flat roads, etc?

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    pass on it....."probate court and third party" ? No thanks...

    This somewhat you gotta answer some questions.

    How come the high falutin' prices for old houses?
    the high ass taxes...they kill me.
    No a/c???? you shittn me??
    Baseboard heat= mega high heating bill- this needs tending to!
    The level lot I like...but can we move to an area with this house at about $150,000 less? Why are you reluctant to do this? Work related?

    The cul-de-sac location is groovy...If you buy these old timey homes, you'll need to throw down monster money to upgrade for a decent comfort zone.
    Price needs to factor this in..

    A fenced in yard does wonder for privacy.

    Keep looking, I think you will get a better house for a fairer price....good luck!

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