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Thread: I'm thinking of selling my condo and buying this house

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    Uncle Peter,
    If this house suits you then buy it. Just do a market analysis to make sure you are getting a good deal. It is definitely a buyers market. Just realize that you might not get the deal you want for your condo. I would choose a house over a condo anyday. You have more maintenance on your home but more sweet equity building and no condo fees. Good luck, I wish you well.
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    Nice house , Good Luck with her. Ouch on the taxes.
    oh well

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    2 questions----why is it so expensive, and why are the taxes so high? What special services are you getting for the taxes? Didnt see anything as far as adaptive aids---would like those to be in place with that price tag. How is the drainage around the house....always worry about standing water by the foundation. House has a lot of age (1955)---is it up to date amenity-wise? Basically I am a cheap bastard, and would be hard pressed to plunk this amount of dough down if I had to pay out more to make it a suitable home.

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    The 1 story house looks pretty, and sadly, seem reasonable priced for that area. But why the move to a house over a condo right now? I have actually been thinking about all the maintenance, yard work, snow removal issues of a house lately, and wondering if they are worth it.

    You listed two. The other one is a 2 story .... did you mean to put on that link?

    Back to the first one. 1955 ranch .... can you get into the bathroom? Unless it has been updated, I would suspect it has narrow doors. The hall looks pretty narrow. It also only has a carport. I don;t have an attached garage, and wouldn't consider anything here in CT w/out one in the future. Altho the attached carport is better that parking in the open. It will keep you dry at least. Other pros, it looks like a nice level entry. Washer and Dryer right in the kitchen. Other than the patio, will you be able to use the yard? No real basement, but I can't get in mine anyway, LOL.

    Not trying to dis your idea, it is a pretty house, but it has a lot of things that I have either needed to fix, or at struggling with in my house right now.

    And, if you are moving anyway. I don't know what you will be getting for your condo, or what your financial aspect is, but you could get more house for your money, if you moved even a couple of towns further north.
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    Seems expensive to me too...
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    Have you viewed this property? The single story is VERY small, 1100+ sf. Those are going to be tiny bedrooms. It's hard to tell from the pix but the furniture is small to make the space look larger, especially in the dining area. That hallway looks narrow as well. How much slope to the sloping lot? A single bathroom in this part of the country wouldn't sell.

    Are you using a buyer's agent? You'll probably come out ahead if you do.

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    Now is a great time to buy. And, if you're planning to go from one property to another, it's still a good time to sell. I hope the following article helps you in your consideration.
    Daily Real Estate News | February 8, 2010</SPAN> |

    4 Reasons to Sell Now
    Selling a property in this tough market can seem like a challenge. Here are four factors that actually make this a good time to post a For-Sale sign.

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    Very cute ... but I agree in high taxes for a small property size?
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    It is an expensive area.
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