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Thread: Backup! Backup! Backup!

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    Not as often as it needs to be done!

    I know it is important to back up your data but unfortunately, I don't do it as often as I should. And I know that one day I may regret it. Maybe I am just too lazy or I need a good lesson. As they say, a burn child fears fire :-)

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    Never, but I do know how to back up.

    For Apple time machine to be useful you really need a separate physical drive (not partition) which you may have in a desktop or you can do it to NAS (Time Capsule) or other external storage.

    If your house burns down, I hope your NAS is in the shed.

    When I outgrow a disc I copy old shit on to new one. I still have the old discs. I still have old F stuff from cards and PC XT. Some interesting algorithms on my 5.25" not spinning at the moment, but it does still boot on '486.

    I know all about dump and restor from the days of half inch tape and quite good at pax, tar, cpio, rsync, nfs, scp, etc. for transfer and have fscked systems back from the dead with lost super blocks.

    Now if I was running Plan9 backups would be as easy as Time Machine, but better.
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    Now have an Apple Time Capsule. Do daily time machine and incremental Linux tar|lzop|aespipe backups. Roll them as as you do tapes. Old enough to remember cards and tape.
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