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Thread: Backup! Backup! Backup!

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    Backup! Backup! Backup!

    How often do you back up your data?

    I just backed-up my data yesterday, and it feels good. I used three USB flash drives and also an external hard drive. I also use Time Machine with Apple's Time Capsule. I will put some of this data on two other computers. So now I have plenty of redundancy. Windows 7 has a very easy and straightforward way to create a disk image which I have done. I use Amazon Drive as an off-site back-up solution. I do feel a sense of relief because I can't afford to lose my data. Also, your important data should not just be in one location, but preferably TWO (one off site). If you have just one copy, you are not backed up!
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    External Drive for backing up your computer

    I have an external drive and it is great. You just back up any important data any time of the day. You can just back it up as you go instead of doing it once a week or so. They are worth the hundred dollars. I have lost to much of data over the course of my work.
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    I use externals and Time Machine on my iMac and MacBook Pro to backup hourly, when I'm working especially. When not working, I might just back up once a day, but I usually leave Time Machine on all the time. I also now keep important work files on both computers, just in case one goes down, so I can continue working while one is in the shop. This way those files are also backed up on two separate externals, and I'm thinking of hacking using Mozy as an online backup for those work files as well, just for extra peace of mind.
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    I have Time Machine on my MacBook Pro and it backs up on an external hard drive. However, in fifteen + years, I have never lost anything on my Macs, even the one time a Mac crashed.

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    I have a Windows Home Server and each of my 7 PCs are automatically backed up every day between 6 and 11 at night. My MacBook Pro is using TimeMachine and those images are backed up to the Windows Home Server on a weekly basis.

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    I use Dropbox to keep my most important stuff backed up continuously online. For bigger, less volatile stuff, I use DVDs and external hard drives.

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    Lazlo, how do you like Dropbox?

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    Use USB flash card to back up. Thanks for the poll am backing up my files right now.
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    I really don't have anything important on my computer. Therefore I have no need to do so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpion View Post
    Lazlo, how do you like Dropbox?
    I love it. I use it primarily for zero-effort backup but you can also share the files between machines. You can create a public directory and share files via links over the Internet. Their web site also stores previous versions of files hacking you modify so you can recover old files if necessary. You get 2G free, so if you don't have more than 2G to back up, you don't pay anything.
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